The Half Moon Advantage

   Half Moon Contractors was established with a vision of providing our clients with the utmost in customer centric service.
In other words, we are a team of professionals, custom designed, with your satisfaction in mind. We employ a full staff of highly skilled contracting and project management professionals, to assure superior quality of craft and faster job completion than our competitors.Working with Half Moon Contractors is a decision that will place not only your property, but the people and contents it shelters, in capable hands, that are worthy of your trust. The list provided here is compiled of only a few of the advantages you will find, by making Half Moon Contractors your first choice.
  • Superior quality of craft is guaranteed Half Moon's extended 5 Year Warranty.. Most of our leading competitors, on average, provide a maximum of 2 years for their warranty.

  • Contracting services provided by a well trained, knowledgeable and highly motivated team of restoration specialists, with whom you can rely on to treat the insured property, and the people who occupy it, respectfully.

  • Customer service tailored to meet the individual needs of each property owner and their insurance provider.  

  • Proactive, professional contracting solutions for quickly restoring your property, possessions, and peace of mind. 
    Half Moon Contractors

3 Reasons Why We are at the Top of Many Insurance Providers' Referral Lists:

1. Half Moon Contractors restores property damages faster. We built our team structure with faster turn around rates for job completion, without the sacrificing of quality in craftsmanship , at its core. Our restoration specialists are employed, rather than subcontracted, by the Half Moon Contractors company. With a professional contractor specializing in each of our core areas of restoration services, we are able to provide clients with superior project management and faster turn around than a general contracting company.

2. Half Moon Contractors can save your clients' possessions after damages occur. Certified and highly trained by the Restoration Sciences Academy, our contractors utilize state of the art specialized equipment and receive regular continuing education and application training of the latest cleaning methods recommended by experts in restoration sciences. With this extensive continuing education and training courses offered through our company, Half Moon Contractors is able to restore most contents of a property back to their original condition.

3. Half Moon Contractors are trained to work with insurance professionals throughout the insurance claims process. We are happy to assist you in any way necessary to make the claims process smoother and less time consuming for you.  We value our relationships with insurance professionals, and respect the weight of responsibility placed on the your shoulders during the entire process of property damage restoration. we provide all insurance claim adjustors with an itemized estimate using trusted Exactimate technology to ensure accuracy and prompt damage assessments.