Information for Property Owners

Choosing the right contractors for your property's needs is the most important decision you make throughout the entire process of any restoration or reconstruction work you seek. 

 It is importan
t to select ateam that is licensed, experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best in quality of craft and customer service. Half Moon Contractors was established with a vision of providing superior, customer centric service for its clients. In other words, our contracting teams and solutions are custom designed, with your satisfaction in mind. We are proud to employ some of the most highly skilled and motivated contracting professionals in our state, who assure that each Half Moon Contractors client receives superior quality of craft and design. 

We created our job site policies to ensure that each of our clients is able to easily identify who is on their property and knows that in seeing the Half Moon Contractors logo worn by anyone on our job sites, they can trust that they are in good hands.

What you should expect to see while Half Moon's team members are present and working on your property:
  • A uniformed staff, to make for easy identification of all Half Moon Contractors' team members that are present and authorized to be working on your property. All of our contracting employees pass extensive criminal background checks and drug screening, in order for us to assure that the hands we trust to handle your property belong to honest, upstanding contracting professionals.

  • A Half Moon Contractors sign will be placed at the front, street facing side, of any job site our contractors are present and working on. We do this to provide your neighbors with a means of identifying who is working on your property and in their neighborhood.

  • Professional conduct by all uniformed Half Moon team crew members, when present on your property. Our job site policy guidelines forbid the use of profanity or inappropriate behavior that does not reflect in unison with the professional company image we have built our upstanding company reputation around.

  • No smoking or use of tobacco of any sort by a Half Moon Contractor will take place on your property. We strictly enforce the rules we have put in place, which allow us to guarantee you that your property will be treated with respect at all times. There will be no cigarette buts, ash trays or spit cups present on a Half Moon Contractors job site, period.

  • Either your Half Moon Project Manager, or their chosen Site Supervisor, will be present at all times when a Half Moon crew, or any Half Moon authorized sub-contractors are present on your property. You will speak with and be able to easily identify who the leaders on your project site are from the start of work day one. You will also be provided with your project managers direct contact information so that you may easily reach them should you have a question or concern to express about your Half Moon contracting experience.